Meet Our People: Adwoa Konadu Afriyie Boateng



 Tell us about yourself!

Sure. I am a Cybersecurity Analyst and Information System Security Officer (ISSO) with ASSYST's Cybersecurity Practice. I have over ten years of experience supporting Federal Government customers.


 What do you do at work?

My primary focus is to perform comprehensive assessments and reviews of management, operational, and technical security controls for audited applications and information systems based on the Risk Management Framework (RMF). As an ISSO, I follow the NIST standards and special publications series for my work to enable stakeholders, system owners, and project teams to inform, prepare, respond, resolve and avert potential Cybersecurity incidents and protect high-value assets. In addition, I use various Cybersecurity applications, cloud tools, and data to deliver knowledge, analytics, and actionable insights. My areas of specialization include conducting and developing ST&E (Security Test and Evaluation), Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A), and GRC. And, of course, effectively use tools like Nessus, CSAM, Xacta, and Splunk.



 What motivated you to pursue this career, and why ASSYST?

Growing up, I had always been motivated to pursue a career that places me in a position to share my knowledge and help others to grow, a job with potential for individual growth, a career that will have the most impact on society as far as using one's skills and knowledge for the ultimate good of society, hence Cybersecurity. Especially so in a world of far too many bad actors seeking to exploit individuals and institutions.


My decision to work with ASSYST has been one of the best that I have taken and an amazing experience. There is so much opportunity for personal development and growth. ASSYST is a forward-thinking company in a fast-moving industry but never forgets people. I feel my skills and knowledge are recognized and channeled for our clients and colleagues.



 What has been your most significant success or achievement?

I have had the privilege of serving our clients at high levels. Thanks to the opportunities available here to train and believe in my ability to succeed.


 Any advice you would like to share with others interested in pursuing a career in your field?

Just go for it. There is no better time than now. Cybersecurity has a vast scope and unlimited potential. Very rewarding and exciting.


 What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Spending a lot of time with my family, traveling, and cooking.



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