big data and analytics


Scalable, Flexible, Reliable

Service Experience

ASSYST offers services to determine which business functions are strong candidates for big data solutions, and then we design and implement the technology architecture.


We provide optimal big data systems that are cost effective, scalable, and easy to maintain.

“ASSYST allowed the Department of Technology Services to make a dramatic paradigm shift to our enterprise server architecture and deployment processes.”

— Montgomery County Government


Keep it Simple

Service Experience

ASSYST implement platforms that enable customers to develop applications, integrate data, cleanse and secure data, and monitor and manage the big data system.


Our platform solutions enable the use of unstructured information with structured data to produce more meaningful and timely information.

ASSYST has been instrumental in the HealtheVet IT initiatives and the quality and engineering capabilities have been exceptional.

— Veterans Affairs


Accessible, Scalable, Secure

Service Experience

Our services help clients manage big data solutions using new and innovative storage technologies to store, manage, and protect information in the cloud.


We provide guidance and engineering services to protect big data sets, while scaling the storage system used to manage data.

“All the credit truly belongs to the outstanding work accomplished by ASSYST.”

— World Bank


Find the Gold

Service Experience

ASSYST’s data mining services clean data, transform data, and establish new and more meaningful data sets.


Our services help manage the volume, velocity, and variety of our clients’ data.

“ASSYST was diligent in all duties assigned and went over and above in assisting with resolving issues."

— Veterans Affairs


Meaningful Insight

Service Experience

Our solution combines traditional technologies that are well suited for structured data and repeatable tasks with advanced technologies that address speed, and flexibility of unstructured data.


Our approach enables clients to deploy solutions used for real-time collection, indexing, analysis, and visualization.

"I want to take a minute to thank you all for helping to make this effort and presentation ‘shine’ in front of the committee.”

— Amtrak


Fast, Flexible, Distributed

Service Experience

ASSYST’s advanced technology continuously analyzes massive volumes of streaming data with sub-millisecond response times to help our clients execute various analytic models, workloads, and jobs associated with the type of information used for the big data solution.


Our engineers help clients filter and extract the relevant information from volumes of data for improved analytics without requiring additional cost for data storage.

"ASSYST’s conscientiousness and skillfulness in managing and completing over hundreds of required programming tasks, as well as your patience and talent in helping provide technical assistance to all four military services is exceptional."

— HR-Command


Optimize Performance

Service Experience

ASSYST’s services enable clients to optimize the underlying infrastructure to continuously improve performance increasing data rates without system degradation or down-time.


Our approach enables components monitoring and transactions tracing without negatively impacting system performance.

“ASSYST was extremely qualified in the use of all Coast Guard software, tools and technology in support of our Business Intelligence initiative.”

— U.S. Coast Guard