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Government Cloud Computing

Service Experience

Our government cloud computing solution increases capacity, efficiency, and speed, and provides an agile platform to assist with the modernization of government technology initiatives.


We provide our clients with seamless and secure cloud migration, faster application service delivery, lower maintenance costs, and a greater return on the technology investment.

AWS GovCloud environment provides a reliable, scalable, and effective platform that is capable of supporting our student and stakeholder use and mission. ASSYST was instrumental in working with us to provide a smooth transition and deployment of our data and application environment into the Amazon Web Services GovCloud. ASSYST continues to provide the kind of reliability and servicing to make sure our mission goes on without interruption in downtime.

— U.S. DoD Agency Project Manager


Enable the Workforce

Service Experience

ASSYST helps customers consistently outperform the competition by providing real-time access to information using mobile and social data in the cloud


ASSYST’s software engineers develop cloud powered mobile applications, implement fully functional, data driven mobile websites to deliver a personalized user experience with the help of analytics and machine learning.

"I value your team's dedication, humbleness and professionalism.”

— Senior Knowledge Officer, Leading UN Agency


Remove the Ties that Bind

Service Experience

Our solutions help simplify and expedite the provisioning of IT infrastructure.


Our solutions accelerate IT service delivery, improve operational efficiency, and ease policy implementation and compliance.

ASSYST allowed the Department of Technology Services to make a dramatic paradigm shift to our enterprise server architecture and deployment processes.

— Montgomery County Government


Keep it Simple

Service Experience

Our approach facilitates the development and deployment of applications without the cost and complexity of buying, managing, and configuring the underlying hardware, middleware, and software.


Our services include rapid implementation of the deployment platform, computing resources, deployment infrastructure, and managed hosting services.

“They took, and continue to take, the time to fully understand our needs.”

— Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office


Scalability, Flexibility, and Reliability

Service Experience

Our expertise includes architecting public, community, hybrid, and private cloud solutions.


Our solutions provide clients with a scalable self-service infrastructure to delivery cloud computing capability

ASSYST is actively remediating issues, reporting as expected, and providing the services as required - all at an exceptional level.”

— Veterans Affairs, U.S. Federal Government


Span Multiple Dimensions

Service Experience

Our cloud integration solutions connect employees, customers, and partners using on-premise traditional applications, the big data framework, and mobile technology integration.


Our experts analyze our customers' needs to find the right balance of cloud and on-premise systems creating a more functional and agile enterprise.

ASSYST has shown a can-do attitude in spite of multiple challenges that we faced along the way

— Autogrill


Liberate Services and Empower People

Service Experience

ASSYST provides cloud management services to implement and manage a software distribution network where applications are available over the internet


ASSYST’s cloud management eliminates redundant tasks, makes operations scalable, automates disaster response, and enables governance controls.

Please allow me to reiterate how happy we all are about how well the projects have been conducted and how much I personally enjoy working with ASSYST

— The World Bank Group