configuration management


Promote Continuous Integration

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ASSYST’s Agile CM solutions provide clients with source control, build automation, test automation, and continuous integration.


ASSYST provides source control solutions that support frequent check-in and check-out procedures for code sets, automated versioning, rollback, and tagging.

"ASSYST is receiving the Performance Excellence Award as recognition of high customer satisfaction, work ethic, integrity and professionalism."

— Ambassador, DOS/CA/CST


Eliminating Bottlenecks

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ASSYST’s approach involves planning the functional components of CM including item identification and planning, item storage, versioning and change control, status accounting, and audit and review.


Our CM plans for large and complex operating environments eliminate bottlenecks and ease rigid controls.

"ASSYST has been selected to receive the OD Merit Honor Award. Your efforts are exemplary and benefit the NIH"



Optimize for Best Performance

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Our expertise includes configuration item metadata registration, establishing conventions for unique identification, registering the relationships between configuration items, and using tools and technology to automate the identification process.


ASSYST has successfully defined and implemented identification conventions using open tools for Agile development teams in a way that reduces waste and shortens lead time.

“I would like to extend my sincere congratulations and appreciation for your efforts in earning USAACE several of the Best of AKO Awards. Thank you for your professionalism and dedication to USAACE and Fort Rucker.”

— U.S. Army Aviation


Release Early and Often

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Our solution supports the continuous integration environment by automatically and continuously checking that builds pass all unit tests, integration, tests, and regression test.


We manage and control complex, heavily regulated or highly customized systems by ensuring that the software delivered meets the exact specifications.

“ASSYST is actively remediating issues, reporting as expected, and providing the services as required - all at an exceptional level.”

— Director, Veterans Affairs


Keeping Track of Changes

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ASSYST implements status accounting solutions that measure the current state of a release and we automate the traceability function.


ASSYST’s approach enables Agile team to track the complete history of a software product at any time during its lifecycle.

“The quality of workmanship exceeded expectations …ASSYST was extremely qualified in the use of all Coast Guard software, tools and.”

— U.S. Coast Guard


Process and Assure

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ASSYST’s configuration audit services evaluate areas of CM, such as the planning and identification process, control, status accounting, and verification and validation of requirements that are traceable to test results.


ASSYST provides expert-level capability performing CM auditing services that assure clients that the software and systems in development are achieving the performance functionality as intended

"ASSYST provides expert-level capability performing CM auditing services that assure clients that the software and systems in development are achieving the performance functionality as intended"

— Veterans Affairs


Automate to Succeed

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ASSYST specializes in CM tools integration in areas such as planning, identification, change control, automated testing, build automation, and release management.


ASSYST improves CM processes by integrating tools and technology, and by automating the CM processes to increase quality and speed.

“All the credit truly belongs to the outstanding work accomplished by ASSYST. They were dedicated to completing this effort and accomplished it through professionalism and teamwork.”

— National Guard Bureau